Afghan Interpreter Films Firefight

first published on September 16, 2015 by

An Afghan interpreter films American and Afghan troops in a gun battle in the Sayed Abad district of Wardak province in Afghanistan. The video was reportedly filmed in June of 2012.

I hate to be critical of those service members over there serving our nation, but it wasn’t just the Military Police patches on these troops’ shoulders that told me these weren’t Combat Arms troops. It looked as if the interpreter was the one running this show. The NCOIC couldn’t tell the difference between outgoing and incoming RPG’s and had to be enlightened by the interpreter. Again, after the wounded Afghan soldier was pulled back off the line, it was the terp that had to instruct the NCO to call a medic over to treat the casualty that was just left lying on the ground unattended. Everyone is “basically infantry” until it’s time to perform basic infantry tasks.

If anything, this video highlights the imperative role our interpreters play on the battlefield, and many of those interpreters (and their families) that loyally served us, have now been abandoned by our government, including the interpreter that filmed this video. He cannot go home to his family because he is now known to the Taliban, and he cannot get his visa approved due to a persistent paperwork error, even after members of the unit he faithfully served wrote multiple letters to Citizenship and Immigration Services stating that he is worthy and the grounds for his dismissal were erroneous. Good luck, dude. ~Will


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