Afghan Helicopter Lands Directly On IED

first published on April 15, 2016 by

An Afghan cargo/transport helicopter lands directly on a buried improvised explosive device, and is subsequently destroyed. This helicopter wasn’t landing in a mine field, nor was it landing in an ambush kill zone to MEDEVAC wounded troops. No, this helicopter was touching down on the landing zone of a permanent Afghan Army operating base in Kunar. Multiple guard towers directly overlooked that LZ, and those towers are supposed to be manned at all times. It looks like the Afghan National Army is as pathetically incompetent as ever, in that they allowed insurgent forces to breach the perimeter wire and emplace a command detonated explosive directly under their noses.

lands directly

It would have been sweet karma if the Taliban had, instead, sneaked into the base and cut every one of their lazy, drugged out throats in their sleep. However, it is the helicopter crew, the ones who are actually doing their job, that get killed. It’s absolutely pathetic.

What’s even more pathetic is that, before this video was released, the governor of Kunar province claimed that the helicopter had a rough landing due to technical problems, and that there was no legitimacy to the Taliban’s claims that they brought it down.

If the ANA were smart (they’re not), they would figure out who had guard shift the night before and punish them as if they were a Taliban infiltrator. A few improvised interrogation techniques should shine some light on who is working for who, and set an example for the rest of these useless dirtbags to not fall asleep while on guard duty.


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