Afghan Army Helicopter Lands On Taliban Improvised Explosive Device

first published on June 1, 2017 by

A Taliban affiliate has made public a video showing an Afghan military Mi-8 “Hip” transport helicopter being destroyed by a Taliban IED. The video was released in mid May, but the exact date and location of the attack is unknown.

The device was placed on the helo pad of a remote eastern Afghanistan outpost. For this to have occurred, the insurgents would have had to either infiltrate the perimeter of the outpost, which is a definite possibility, considering Afghan forces are notorious for sleeping on guard duty and being extremely high on drugs constantly… or a Taliban sympathizer within the ranks of the Afghan National Army or a local contractor with access to the base would have had to emplace the IED themselves. Further analysis by the Long War Journal indicates that the device would have been a command detonated unit, either by wire or signal, and not a pressure plate, considering the bird was on the location for some time before the detonation occurred.

This is not the first attack of its kind. Just over a year ago, another chopper was blown up in a similar fashion and recorded on video. See that video >>>HERE<<< Since then, the Taliban have claimed similar attacks but with no video evidence to support. In all cases, the Afghan government initially denies that the attacks took place, and report that their helicopters took hard, emergency landings.


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