US Special Operations And Afghan Commandos Raid On Taliban (2018)

first published on February 1, 2018 by

A recent video release shows a raid being carried out by US Special Operations and Afghan Commandos in Helmand province.

The footage is combined from two raids, the first being conducted on 29 December 2017, and the other on New Years Day 2018.

Night operations are not easy, but the Afghan 7th Special Operations “Kandak” Battalion are hand picked and personally trained by their unidentified US advisor unit.

That’s right, there are Afghan troops that are competent and capable enough to carry out demanding military operations and actually be trusted to not lose their night vision devices, supposedly.

afghan commandos

The video shows suspected Taliban operatives being detained for further intelligence gathering through interrogation. The Afghan Commandos also conduct sensitive site exploitation by laying out and documenting captured enemy equipment.

From the footage, it doesn’t appear that any significant weapons or equipment was recovered, but the operation in itself is indicative of an Afghan military unit that is actually able to perform tasks required of a soldier, and for Afghan forces, that’s impressive.

The Pentagon had been releasing quarterly progress reports of the situation in Afghanistan since 2009. The reports showed how many Afghan troops were operating in the country, how much territory was held by the enemy, and how many indigenous forces were killed in fighting.

However, the further release of that information has just been classified by the NATO-led Resolute Support coalition, so it will become even harder to get meaningful data for those trying to follow the 16-year-old war, but will likely make it easier and more enjoyable for the average American to focus on the recovery status of Aaron Rodgers’s collarbone injury.


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