Advancing Iraqi Troops Hit By ISIS Suicide Bomber That Was Playing Dead

first published on April 28, 2017 by

Iraqi troops advancing on ISIS positions fall victim to an ISIS suicide bomber that is playing dead. There appears to be only two casualties.

As Iraqi Troops advance on a small village south of Mosul, intent on recapturing the area from ISIS, a suicide bomber detonates himself. The suicide bomber was laying in wait, pretending to be dead until the moment to strike finally came. While the Iraqi troops are advancing, dead set on getting to their objective, the fighter detonates his suicide belt creating what appears to be two casualties.

Attacks like this are common place when dealing with Daesh. The fighters have no fear of death, in fact they embrace it with open arms. Martyrdom is success to them, and a majority of the fighters found around Mosul have been wearing similar devices to what is seen in this video.

Warning: This video contains graphic content which may be unsuitable for some viewers, including human dismemberment and death. Viewer discretion is advised.


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