Actual Combat Footage Straight From The Battlefields Of WW1

first published on August 22, 2016 by

A majority of the combat footage that was recorded during WW1 was staged for propaganda. Here is some of the best actual combat footage of The Great War.

Cameras that filmed moving pictures were a relatively new thing during World War 1. This meant that they were rarely being used on the battlefields to capture actual combat. A lot of the historical footage from the era is known to have been staged for propaganda purposes.

The video below is some of the best actual combat footage to come out of the war. Everything you are about to see was real, and none of it was staged for government purposes. Yes, that first scene in is a line of men shooting flame throwers to burn out the enemy.

Note: This goes without saying, but the footage comes with no sound. There is nothing wrong with your speakers. Watch in silence, and just think about how terrifying this war must have been.


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