Action Packed FSA Drone and GoPro Footage of SAA Route in Idlib

first published on February 17, 2018 by

Action packed footage of Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebels routing a superior Syrian Arab Army (SAA) position in Idlib. Filming the event from both aerial drone and GoPro perspectives, dismounted infantry is bizarrely able to chase off several enemy tanks.

The footage was released last month by “moderate” FSA rebel group Jaysh al-Nasr, a former recipient of US military aid – largely in the form of TOW missiles. Now sporting Turkish armored vehicles like many FSA factions recently, they’ve likely been receiving Turkish military aid. Loading up in several vehicles and escorted by a tank, drone footage captures the rebels wild advance through the surrounding homesteads and towards the enemy position.

Snaking through farmers’ fields and excitedly spraying gunfire from the vehicles, the FSA attackers are inserted near the SAA OP and the perspective switches to GoPro. Once on the ground, several fighters quickly spot an enemy tank around a hundred meters or so away from them. They quickly rally an RPG gunner who takes careful aim but appears to miss his target. With the entire assault element behind one piece of cover and facing a tank, several fighters wisely advance to a forward position. Taking cover behind a wall, this advanced party is now just a few meters away from the tank.

The tank makes a run for it, suddenly appearing from behind the building and racing down the street. Not having an RPG handy to hit the vehicles vulnerable rear as it flees, and absurdly lucky the tank’s weapons were unmanned during the action. The FSA militants instead begin pointlessly and wildly firing at the tank with their small arms. With the enemy driven off, the rebels continue to advance through the town and consolidate their gains.

The SAA units were apparently somewhat prepared for this scenario – regrouping at the edge of town and attempting to retreat in good-order. Mustering two tanks and roughly a platoon size element, they make one final careless mistake and exfil in the open. The FSA rebels spot the clustered soldiers and immediately exploit these exposed troops. Hammering them with machine gun fire and possible scoring a few final hits.


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