Accurate Incoming AK Rounds Silenced By Precision Airstrike

first published on January 28, 2020 by

An unconfirmed video from Operation Iraqi Freedom, likely filmed around 2005-2006, shows an intense urban street battle in which accurate incoming AK47 fire is silenced by a massive precision airstrike on an enemy held structure.

accurate incoming

Videos like this always bring out the couch commandos, who are going to say, “They’re shooting at nothing.” Those people have never experienced actual combat and base what they think they know on Hollywood depictions of combat.

Rarely do you actually see the enemy. Often times you are firing at known or suspected locations to suppress the enemies freedom of movement and ability to operate until close air support or a flanking unit can maneuver in to engage from a different angle. Based on the gnarly audio of this video, we know that these guys were being accurately engaged by a nearby enemy, and that the precision airstrike silenced that threat.