Accidental Contact Ends In Handshakes

first published on January 12, 2016 by

An Australian rifle platoon comes into contact with an Indonesian rifle platoon by accident. Level heads and quick thinking stops a major incident.

During a routine patrol of the East Timor border, an Australian rifle platoon makes contact with an Indonesian platoon. The gun fight rages for a few minutes, until leadership on both ends realize what’s happening. After both groups call a ceasefire, they meet in the middle, hand out apologies, and shake hands.

This video was taken along the border of East Timor on October 10, 1999 during the East Timorese crisis. The crisis began when anti-independence militants started conducting attacks on the civilian populace of East Timor. These attacks quickly turned into general violence throughout the country, which lead to the involvement of an Australian-led international peacekeeping force on the ground inside of East Timor.

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1,400 civilians are believed to have been killed before the Australian-led peacekeeping force put boots on the ground to quell the violence. Violence that was caused primarily because there were groups inside of East Timor who did not want to be independent from Indonesia. These groups, allegedly with the aid of Indonesian military forces, started to cause violence among the pro-independent groups inside of East Timor.


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