One Of The First Recordings Of The AC-130 Engaging Enemy Targets

first published on July 27, 2016 by

Some of the first recordings of the AC-130 engaging targets came straight out of Vietnam. Since then the gunship has evolved, but it still remains deadly.

Fun fact, the video you are about to watch was actually the inspiration for a Call of Duty level called “Death from Above.” So you might notice a few things here and there that make you want to disbelieve that this footage is real, but trust me, it is very real.

Engaging targets on the ground, in support of troops in contact, is one of the primary roles of the AC-130. There is no platform in existence that strikes fear into the enemies like this gunship. It has the ability to absolutely annihilate any and everything that it puts into its vision.

That’s enough fluffing the AC-130, you know how awesome it is. Here’s some of the first known recordings of the gunship in action.


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