Abu Hajaar’s Techniques Utilized Effectively In Benghazi’s Rebel Fighters

first published on January 6, 2017 by

Rebel fighters in Benghazi, Libya, utilize the training techniques they learned from Abu Hajaar in the first days of the Libyan uprising.

Videos like this one are the primary reason why conflicts in the Middle East last as long as they do. I like to call it, “Inshallah Warfare,” when the indigenous troops on the ground act as if Allah is going to win the war for them by himself.

As you watch this short clip taken by a France 24 news reporter, try to count as much incompetence as you can, and take special note of what we are now calling the “Abu Hajaar roll technique.”

Some say that they are still out there today, firing their RPGs with the safety caps on, and rolling through the desert. Allah is going to win the Jihad, all they need to do is show up and shoot in that general direction.


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