Abu Hajaar’s Shrieking Brother in Syria

first published on May 12, 2018 by

In yet another installment of the famed Daesh “Special Forces” Abu Hajaar series, we find ourselves somewhere in Syria with his equally bumbling, yet noticeable higher pitched little brother.

Abu Hajaar seems to have a little brother fighting with Daesh in Syria. Naturally, he is just as incompetent as his Iraqi brethren, but with a gender identity twist. His side of the stunted ISIS family tree shows all its short-lived glory, staging an ill-conceived attack against purported SAA troops. Comedically screaming like a little girl during the idiotic attack, they get blown to pieces in a perfectly timed fireball.

With no apparent or comprehensible plan, these yahoo’s charge forward in complete disarray. Accompanied by several unarmored technicals, Abu’s brother finds himself riding in an upgraded armored vehicle from the last two episodes. Sporting an armored yet foolishly un-manned turret, they blindly race through the desert and into the sounds of heavy gunfire – The girlish shrieking begins within seconds.

The total lack of ISIS planning and coordination is satisfyingly obvious in this video. Daesh vehicles aimlessly driving around, noticeable growing desperate as the incoming fire increases. The flashes of SAA heavy weapons hitting Daesh targets on the horizon becomes easier to see as and battlefield becomes progressively hazier; while the screams of Abu’s effeminate brother hilariously continue.

Finally stopping to recover some survivors, they catch a direct hit. The vehicle bursts into a massive fireball as is occupants are ejected, now scattered and mortally wounded in the thick smoke. The video concludes with the soft glow of the burning truck illuminating the thick dust, and the delightful groans of wounded Deash militants.

Graphic Content Warning: This video displays ISIS fighters screeching like little girls before they die. Content may be too hilarious for some viewers.