GoPro: Abu Hajaar Leads Second Offensive Against Iraqi Soldiers

first published on May 18, 2017 by

In Abu Hajaar’s latest escapade, an attack against the Iraqi Army goes really bad for incompetent Daesh fighters. This is even the same truck?

After he finally finished rolling through the desert to escape his last failed assault, Abu Hajaar was not deterred in the least. He knew that his Caliphate must be built, and that he must once again lead the soldiers of ISIS into the fray against the heretic army of Iraq. So he strapped on his GoPro and hopped back in his vehicle behind a DSHK machine gun and lead from the front, just like he saw all those Navy SEALs doing in the movies.

Unfortunately for Mr. Hajaar, things went south fast, again. Over the course of several long intense minutes, full of high pitch screaming and crying, his army was forced to retreat once more. In inshallah warfare though, there is no need for tactics. If you throw yourself against the enemy enough, he is sure to break eventually.

Seriously though, un-edited ISIS videos are the best. I would wager a case of beer that almost all of their footage looks like this before it is edited for propaganda purposes.


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