Abrams Tank Commander Killed By Improvised Drone Bomb

first published on January 26, 2017 by

The following video shows an Iraqi Abrams tank commander being struck by an Islamic State improvised drone bomb, as well as several other similar aerial attacks on pro Iraqi troops in and around the city of Mosul.


Although the video is edited to show a fixed wing drone, it may be just as likely that these explosives are being dropped by multi rotor remote helicopters, as the craft appears to have the ability to hover in place directly over their intended targets.

The explosive itself appears to be some sort of point-detonating warhead, possibly something similar to a 40mm HEDP grenade or even a rocket or missile warhead with an improvised stabilizing tail. The attached screenshots show different types being used, indicating they will exploit whatever they can get their hands on.


Although the blasts are minor, the aerial platform is a major combat multiplier. Small consumer and improvised drones are no longer just giving the jihadists realtime reconnaissance, they are now also able to target troops in the open.


The Western coalition needs to step their game up with counter assets to mitigate this aerial threat. Although incredibly resourceful, these terror rats are stupid to be bragging about, and therefore exposing, their tactics. Don’t expect these types of attacks to go unmet for long. To those deployed, be mindful of the skies. Take care over there.


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