Lucky Abrams Tank Knocks Out SVBIED Just Seconds Before Impact

first published on May 19, 2018 by

A lucky Abrams tank knocks out a charging militant SVBIED with its main gun just seconds before impact. Think that gunner deserves a beer…

The Abrams tank and its variants are battle tested and have dominated America’s armored forces since the early 80s. Gaining wide-spread notoriety after its stunning success in the first gulf war, the 70-ton behemoth offers an excellent destructive combination of speed, protection, and firepower.

They can run on just about any kind of flammable fuel and their 120mm main gun outranges most of its contemporaries, and nearly all its adversaries. It’s depleted uranium sabot rounds can literally pop the turret off an enemy tank, setting the rest of the hull on fire and cooking the crew. At some point we started selling some of them off to our allies, and of course they landed in the middle east.

In this video we see an Abrams tank catch a lucky break from two separate angles, knocking out a charging SVBIED just seconds before impact (Skip to 1:18 to see the better angle). The tank moves forward to a road obstruction it what appears to be a hasty or established fortification; with a few T-barriers and IDF overheads scattered about the destroyed landscape. Moving ahead of some dismounted infantry seeking shelter in the overheads and a Humvee, the tank lumbers up to the choke point and blocks the road.

Due to the terrain it’s impossible to see the approach of the SVBIED. However, thanks to a well-aimed main gun round by the Abrams and the near instantaneous explosion, you get a sense of how close the vehicle made it to the tank.

A massive fireball and explosion cook off just meters from the Abrams, the large size suggesting that had the suicide bomber made contact, it would have been a bad day for the tank crew. I think the rest of the tank crew owes that gunner a beer, Haram or not…


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