A Sniper Snipes Another Sniper That Was Sniping Troops

first published on June 1, 2016 by

A ‘sniper’ releases a video of him ‘sniping’ another ‘sniper’ that was targeting regular troops who don’t know how to use their rifles.

When I say ‘sniper’ I use the term very loosely. The concept of a ‘sniper’ in the Syrian Civil War is any fighter who can aim his rifle with any amount of accuracy. Maneuvering through hostile territory unnoticed, setting up a proper sniper hide, and taking well aimed shots at long distances are all an art form that none of these guys have mastered.

In this video we see a trained marksman, with a nicer than average rifle, score a direct hit on another well trained marksman with an equally nice rifle. Keeping that in mind though, theses guys still aren’t real snipers.