82nd Airborne’s 2018 Deployment Video Is As Awesome As You’d Expect

first published on September 19, 2018 by

Paratroopers from 82nd Airborne 2nd Brigade Combat Team “White Falcons” just uploaded a deployment wrap-up video, and it is a throwback to the classic mid 2000’s combat tour videos, complete with cheesy music anthems and all.


The video follows soldiers of the 2-325th Airborne Infantry Regiment, a light infantry parachute insertion fighting force of the United States Army. The 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment stands ready to deploy anywhere in the world, within 18 hours of notification.

The regiment conducts forced entry parachute assaults to seize and hold airfields and other key objectives, while simultaneously projecting force outward to take more ground.

In this instance, the paratroopers deployed in support of Combine Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve, the US-led fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. The few Americans that were trying to stay informed on what our troops were doing over there had nothing to go on besides Pentagon press release talking points that claimed our service members were not on the front lines and not in combat roles.

As you can see from the footage, our brethren were over there “advising and assisting” our host nation partners by personally and violently wrecking ISIS fools.

Deployment videos are incredibly important for multiple reasons. First, it sets the historical record straight. Again, up until the release of this video, the only information we had to go on regarding this deployment were official talking points. By overlaying this footage with the official record allows us to start piecing together what is truth and what is not.

Another important aspect of these videos hits on a more personal level. These videos allow service members to heal. It gives vindication to those that were there. The veterans can now show their grandchildren something to prove they went big in life. It also serves to bridge the civilian-veteran divide, so that those that weren’t there can have a better idea of what we went through and the reasons for why we are the way we are.