800 More Troops Deploying To Mexican Border As Caravan Approaches

first published on October 26, 2018 by

An additional 800 troops are headed to the Mexican border as the caravan of several thousand illegal Central American migrants make their way north through Mexico.


The reports of the deployment didn’t name a specific unit or duty station from which the service members will originate, however, it did indicate that they will be active duty troops.

The troops are being told that they have the right to defend themselves from hostile border jumpers, but that they will not be placed in a law enforcement role. The troops are likely there to set up fences for border control points, operate field hospitals, and build operation centers, barracks, and detention facilities.

The active duty troops will be there to plus-up the 2,100 National Guardsmen already operating at the US-Mexico border. At the end of September, California Gov. Jerry Brown extended his state National Guard’s deployment by an additional six months, until the end of March.

A caravan of several thousand illegal migrants left Honduras for the United States. They were able to pass through Guatemala unobstructed, and so far, have not been intercepted by Mexican authorities. President Trump has threatened to shut down the US-Mexico border entirely if the Mexican government doesn’t act. Shutting down the border would threaten the new trade deal negotiated between Mexico and the US.


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