73 Islamic State Fighters Eliminated By Afghan Commandos

first published on December 30, 2017 by

Members of Afghanistan’s 8th Special Operations Kandak (Battalion) eliminated over 73 Islamic State fighters in the Mohmand Valley of Nangahar province, Afghanistan. The fighting there lasted for around five days as the 8th Special Operations Kandak conducted a bold ground clearing operation into a highly defended enemy training encampment. They were supported by aircraft from Operation Resolute Support, and the sheer aggression brought to the battlefield won the commandos a decisive victory after they eliminated over 71 ISIS-K Fighters in direct contact, and injured another two so grievously that they later died to their wounds.


A member of the 8th Special Operations Kandak stands early warning for a convoy from a mountain top in Wach Kot Valley, Nangarhar province, Afghanistan

In a daring operation to off-balance ISIS-K in Afghanistan, the 8th Special Operations Kandak of the Afghan National Army worked in concert with Operation Resolute Support to conduct a bold mission deep behind enemy lines in the Nangahar province of Afghanistan. The intent of the operation was to clear the Mohmand Valley, in the Achin district of Nangahar in order to make it more difficult for ISIS-K to continue gaining a foothold in the already war-torn nation of Afghanistan. Through their sheer aggression and will to defend their home country from an Islamic State invasion, the commandos were able to win a decisive victory setting ISIS-K off balance.

During the mission, which was a five day running gun battle against a sizable element of Islamic State fighters, Operation Resolute Support flew a number of air support missions for the Kandak operating on the ground. In total, the Kandak, as well as the airstrikes they controlled, killed 71 ISIS-K fighters, and injured another two that later died. This operation was part of the new offensive strategy being employed by the Afghan National Army, and Operation Resolute Support to put Afghanistan back under the rule of law. In the video below, a series of strikes is conducted on a number of ISIS-K positions in the Mohmand Valley. We will continue to look for footage of this battle from the ground, and if it emerges, we will be sure to make an update.