7 Abandoned Military Installations From Around The World

first published on April 25, 2016 by

Once a military installation loses its relevance, it is often abandoned. The facilities are then sold off for more interesting purposes, or just left to rot.

Have you ever wondered what happens when the military finishes using a particular piece of real-estate? I can specifically recall times around Marine Corps Base Hawaii, when we would discover old WWII positions that were left to rot.

There was something about those structures that always bugged me. I could never put my finger on it, but knowing what those bunkers were there for, and that they were now abandoned just rubbed me the wrong way. They were history, and now they are being left to deteriorate into nothingness.


Not all things the military abandons however, are just left to rot. Some of those facilities actually get turned into something much better. Check out the video below to see seven abandoned military installations from around the world.


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