6 Reasons Buzzfeed Should Stay Away From Veteran Content

first published on November 27, 2015 by

Recently, Buzzfeed has been publishing articles for a group called DAV, in an attempt to reach a veteran audience, and they’re terrible.

Buzzfeed Fail

As someone who produces content daily for a primarily veteran audience, I am going to go ahead and say that Buzzfeed needs to give up. I respect what they’re trying to do, but these forced, sponsored lists, are just reinforcing the “Dysfunctional Veteran” stigma in a horribly over simplified manner.

Here’s a few examples of what their interns have been putting out on behalf of vets:

Buzzfeed Controlling

I didn’t realize veterans were controlling, and didn’t know how to share.
Buzzfeed Bond

The second you deployed, your family and friends ceased to exist. Now that you’re home, it’s like the return of Bruce Wayne to Gotham City.
Buzzfeed Fail 1

Service automatically means I need to recover? What are we alcoholics?
Who writes this stuff Buzzfeed? Come on, you guys are really good at producing content that everyone wants to click on. I understand your reasoning and support for the DAV, they’re a great organization that helps out a lot of dudes, but why are you letting stuff like this go out the door and onto the internet? It’s not helping anyone at all.

So here’s the Funker530 list of 6 Reasons Buzzfeed Should Stay Away From Veteran Content And Stick To Puppies And Chocolate


1. The employees at Buzzfeed can’t connect with veterans.

Buzzfeed Employees
If you can’t connect with your audience, you’re going to have a very hard time talking on their behalf.

2. Buzzfeed already has an established brand of humor.

Buzzfeed Humor
If something isn’t broken, why are you trying to fix it? Everybody, and I mean everybody already clicks on this stuff when it’s in their news feed.

3. Everybody loves puppies!

Shoot Dog
No joke Buzzfeed, there are very few people who dislike dogs and puppies. Even we battle-hardened veterans, stricken with PTSD and TBI, will click on a picture of a puppy being adorable.

4. Everybody loves chocolate!

Buzzfeed Chocolate
Even veterans of foreign wars, who apparently can’t transition back into society, have extremely fond memories of chocolate.

5. Supporting a veterans group is awesome, but don’t force your college interns to write about it.

Buzzfeed People
This goes back to connection with the audience. Your intern receives a task, and they willingly commit to it. That’s their job! They really don’t care about what they are writing, and we can see that.

6. You should leave the writing on veterans issues… to the veterans.

Buzzfeed Writing
It’s amazing I know, but there are a lot of extremely good writers within the veteran community. Reach out to them, find one who isn’t employed, and give that person a job. I guarantee that person will give you work that is 1000 times more effective for your veteran audience.

Now that you’ve seen our list, I hope you take a second glance before you push your next story for the DAV out. If you want to support veterans and veteran organizations, that’s awesome! I’m happy that you’re taking the time to realize we exist, but please for Chesty Puller’s sake, stop pushing the idea of the broken GWOT veteran.


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