5th Blast Erupts In Texas, This Time At FedEx Facility

first published on March 20, 2018 by

A package exploded early Tuesday morning at a FedEx sorting facility the in town of Schertz, a suburb of San Antonio, and investigators are trying to determine of it is linked to the other four that have targeted Austin residents.

serial bomber

Police officials say that the FedEx facility was not the intended target of the device, and that the bomb was addressed to Austin, but the unstable nature of its construction caused it to detonate in sorting. Investigators didn’t reveal the specifications of the intended target.

Reports indicate that a facility employee sustained minor injuries and was released after being medically treated.

Prior to the blast at the facility, the city of Austin, just one hour away, has been the scene of a suspected serial bomber. Four devices have exploded over the last three weeks, killing two people and wounding another four.

The first three bombs were packages left at residences, and the fourth was supposedly set on a trip wire on a roadway. If this most recent FedEx incident is determined to be linked to the other four, then it will show that the bomber(s) is continuing to change tactics.

Dan Defenbaugh, a former FBI official who managed the OKC bombing investigation told The Washington Post, “Once a bomb builder makes a device, they usually make it the same way each and every time… That’s not happening here. I’m also troubled by the fact that there hasn’t been an extortion demand or communication.”


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