59-Year-Old Man Shipping Off To Basic Training

first published on January 15, 2020 by

A 59-yer-old former Marine and prior soldier is now returning to the military after a 10-year break in service, according to Army Times.

basic training

SSG Monte L. Gould will be shipping off to Fort Jackson this June. After such a long break in service, he’ll be required to repeat Army basic training.

Gould joined the Marine Corps in 1978 and completed an enlistment before getting out to pursue a career in law enforcement. When Operation Desert Storm started in the early 90’s, he enlisted in the Army National Guard as an infantryman.

Eventually, he reclassed as civil affairs in the Reserves and deployed to Afghanistan in 2004. After that deployment, he reclassed again to psychological operations. However, the years of service were putting stress on his personal life and he left the military before being hitting his retirement window.

Gould is going back in as a civil affairs NCO and will serve in the same unit as his son, SPC Gould, at the 405th Civil Affairs Battalion in Nevada.


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