5 Strange Pictures Taken During World War II

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World War II was a strange time for the entire world. Here are five of the strangest pictures taken during the World War II.

5. Keg Carrying Spitfiress – Beers Away!

Beer Pictures

During early phases of the war, British pilots thought of an ingenious way to get beer to the front-lines. They would return to Britain for basic maintenance, and then return to the front with kegs of beer strapped to their planes.

This spitfire modification involved mounting kegs of beer to the fuel, and bomb pylons on the bottom of the fighter plane. Never underestimate a Brit’s need for a cold glass of ale.

4. Creepy Mickey Mouse Gas Mask For Kids!

Mickey Mouse Pictures

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the American government had a strong suspicion that Japan would use NBC weapons on American soil. In order to make the threat of these types of attacks less scary to children, they designed a gas mask to look like Mickey Mouse. This enabled parents to turn NBC drills into a game.

At the end of the war, investigations were conducted into Japan’s infamous Unit 731. During one of these investigations they discovered that Japan did in fact have plans to conduct an NBC attack on American soil.

3. Deception – Ghost Army.

Ghost Army Pictures

23rd Headquarters Special Troops was a tactical deception unit comprised of 1,100 troops. They took part in over 20 battles, to include the Operation Overlord. This unit remained classified for almost 40 years after the close of World War II, and even today some of their missions are still classified.

2. Captain “Mad Jack” Churchill.

Mad Jack Pictures

Mad Jack was a British Army officer who went into battle during WWII with bagpipes, a longbow, and his Scottish broadsword. He is famous for having the last confirmed bow and arrow kill in the history of war. Before an assault on a German position, the captain initiated the attack by putting an arrow into a German sergeant.

“Any officer who goes into action without his sword is improperly dressed.” – Captain Mad Jack Churchill

1. The Real Battle Of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Pictures

February 24, 1942, a night that most certainly did not live in infamy. At first the lights in the sky were believed to be a Japanese air raid. The military response certainly suggested that it was indeed some sort of air attack. The night sky was filled with anti-aircraft fire, and it was later reported by Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox that it was a false alarm caused by a weather balloon.

Some UFOlogists believe that the event was actually a battle with extra-terrestrial aircraft.


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