5 Most Secret Military Aircraft (That We Know About)

first published on December 1, 2015 by

5. Stealth Blackhawk – As made public (and famous) when one T-Boned Osama Bin Laden’s compound wall in Abbottabad, Pakistan during the “Zero Dark Thirty” Navy SEALs raid. The aircraft was designed with two purposes: To make it less detectable by enemy radar, and to make it significantly quieter. Had it not crashed, leaving behind a evidence of its existence, we would probably still be in the dark about it.


4. Backstar – (Not the Mos Def, Talib Kweli rap duo) First reported on in 2006, it is believed that the secret orbital spaceplane system dates back to the early 1990’s. The primary role of the program was along the lines of ISTAR: information, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance. Although, it is thought the craft may possess offensive capabilities, giving it the nickname “Space Bomber.”


3. RQ-180 – The most advanced UAV ever created. It’s main role is penetrating surveillance, and will probably be working as part of the developing LRS-B (Long Range Strike – Bomber) program. The asset is believed to boast a 24 hour flight endurance and a range of 1,400 miles. Based on imagery of Area 51 hangars, the wingspan is estimated at ~130ft.


2. X-37B – Although denied by the Pentagon, the orbital vehicle may be another “Space Bomber.” It is also speculated that the craft is used to spy on China’s Tiangong-1 space station module. Although, officially it is said to be a test spacecraft intended research the effects of radiation as well as all other issues concerning space travel i.e. propulsion, avionics, navigation, etc.


1. Aurora – The partially mythological “Aurora” program’s existence is actively denied by the government. Rumored to be powered by a pulse detonated engine that can exceed Mach 5, the aircraft’s existence is powered mainly by rumor and legend. Many sightings and reports may be that of previously mentioned or other various unknown secret military craft getting lumped into a single identity. “Aurora.” DARPA isn’t in any hurry to satiate our curiosity.


It’s hard to say how much of the information out there concerning these secret air and spacecraft is grounded in fact, especially the information concerning the Aurora project. Yet, many of the aircraft that we do know about were once UFOs, denied by the Pentagon. I will say that “I want to believe.”


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