5 Creepy Sounds From War Caught On Tape

first published on February 14, 2016 by

From the thundering sounds of an atomic blast, to a psychological operation called Ghost Tape 10, here are five of the creepiest sounds from war.

War is an inherently creepy place, and there are many sounds heard that you wish to never hear again. Here is a list of 5 of the creepiest sounds from war that have ever been captured on tape, and at the bottom is a video that contains audio files of all five sounds.

5. V-1 Pulse-Rocket.

Sounds Jet Engine
This early cruise missile, also known as the V-1 flying bomb, was nicknamed the Doodlebug, or Buzzbomb by allied troops. The shock inducing noise caused by this weapon as it moved towards its target confused troops on the ground. It’s noise was so intensely loud that there was no way to determine where it would land.

4. Ghost Tape 10.

Ghost Tape 10 Sounds
A psychological operation known as “Operation Wandering Soul” played an ominous loop of funeral music, and crying little girls searching for their dead fathers. The tape was often played from the deck of swift boats in the jungle to mentally attack troops that were hiding.

3. Hitler’s Normal Voice.

Hitler Sounds
Adolf Hitler was a man known for his charisma, and ability to control large crowds with his voice. Very rarely was he heard speaking in a normal tone, until his voice was captured in a casual conversation on a train speaking about his misjudgment of the Russian military.

2. The Jericho Trumpets.

Jericho Sounds
We’ve all heard the wailing sound in stock b-roll footage that shows Nazi jets conducting strafing runs. Very few people however know that the wailing sound was caused by two loudspeakers mounted on the front of the fighter planes, specifically used to increase the fear caused by the already terrifying runs.

1. The Sounds Of An Atomic Blast.

Atomic Sounds
Only two atomic weapons have ever been used in combat during the history of man. Survivors of both Nagasaki, and Hiroshima have stated that they don’t remember hearing the atomic blast. Recordings are often dubbed over, with stock explosion noise, and are rarely recorded. However towards the end of the below video, the audio of a single atomic blast can be heard.


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