5 Crazy Military Exercises From Around The Globe

first published on January 13, 2016 by

Do you think that the “crazy drinking cobra blood exercise” is standard practice? Or do you think it’s one of those things that happened one time as a prank on the Marines, and it just happened to be recorded, making it a thing?

The grenade pass was definitely ridiculous if it wasn’t staged. However, the breaking of bricks thing never impressed me. We had some huge muscled dudes come to my school when I was a kid. They broke bricks like that for about five minutes and then talked about the power of god for another 45 minutes. We checked out the brick fragments afterward, and they crumbled like dust. I’m never falling for that one again.

Anyway, I know there’s some crazy traditions, exercises, and rites of indoctrination in our own military groups that are pretty sweet. The Yarborough Mile at Ft. Polk sticks out in my mind. What other ones have you guys done or heard of?


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