4Chan Joins The Fight: “Operation Allahu Quackbar”

first published on December 1, 2015 by

72 more virgins have officially joined the fight against Daesh, and Islamic Extremism. Their mission has been dubbed “Operation Allahu Quackbar”

What better way to fight terrorism, then by turning all of the terrorists into ducks? Remove all of their weaponry, and give them toilet bowl brushes, how dangerous are they now? This is exactly what 4Chan has started doing with “Operation Allahu Quackbar.”

Quackbar 1

This is probably one of the greatest things the internet has ever done. They have taken a barbaric group, bent on destruction, and reduced them to an absolute joke. I bet it’s kind of hard to be a terrorist, when your theme song has been turned into a duck marching song.

Honestly, this video is scarier than anything ISIS has produced.


Here are a few of my favorite images out of the Allahu Quackbar movement so far.

Quackbar 2
Rainbow magazines that shoot love!

Quackbar 3
Check out the beard on that duck.

Quackbar 4
We can tell this is photo-shopped, everyone knows ISIS doesn’t practice proper hygiene.
Quackbar 9

The terror organization known as Daesh has yet to respond to 4Chan’s attacks. Rumor has it, that right now the propaganda department at their headquarters is in complete disarray, while they try to draft up a new theme song.

You can join in on the fun here.


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