360 Cam: The Devastation Of Sinjar, Iraq

first published on February 6, 2016 by

A first hand look at the devastation of Sinjar, Iraq caused by the conflict between the Islamic State, and the Kurdish Peshmerga.

A German reporting team traveled to the city of Sinjar, Iraq to visit with the Kurdish fighters there. In the process they managed to take a stunning 360 degree video that lets you see the devastation caused by the conflict with ISIS.

If you’ve never played with a 360 degree video before, it’s pretty easy. If you’re on a mobile device, you can tilt your phone to adjust the view, or swipe your finger to move the camera in a more controlled manner. If there’s a particular part you want to explore, pause the video and free look in that moment. If you’re on a desktop device, you can use your mouse to navigate the video the same way.


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