30mm Goes Cyclic: Iraqi Apache Gunship Wreaks Destruction on ISIS

first published on December 14, 2017 by

An Apache gunship wreaks cyclic destruction on purported ISIS positions in Iraq. The gunner decides to lengthen the notion of short and controlled bursts…

Video of an alleged Iraqi military Apache gunship supporting ground forces with withering 30mm fire. Likely filmed from a cell phone, the cameraman unfortunately gets a late start; the video beginning just moments after the Apache fires a torrent of rockets. However, the gunner is quick on the controls and immediately switches to the formidable 30mm cannon.

The gunner and his aircraft appear confidently locked onto the target. The bright flashes of the heavy weapon and it’s deadly munitions streak through the fading daylight in several controlled bursts. As the gunship approaches, it begins a slow turn around the target below. The 30mm M230 chain gun mounted under the nose rotates and turns with the airframe, remaining locked on the target regardless of the aircrafts flight direction.

Now nearly over the target, the gunner must spot an opportunity he just can’t pass up. He lets out a long 15-20 round burst, much to the delight of the cameraman and his buddies. The explosive rounds streak down into the visually obstructed target area, turning from white to red as they deflect and scatter on the smoky horizon.


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