3 Star General Punished for Using Gov Credit Cards on Strippers

first published on February 13, 2017 by

Former three star general Ronald Lewis will be demoted again, this time from major general to brigadier general as he retires following an investigation and confirmation by the Pentagon that Lewis, the former senior military assistant to former Defense Secretary Ash Carter, had used government credit cards to pay for thousands of dollars in strip club costs.

star general

The demotion decision is based on a federal law stating that officers can retire only with the benefits of the rank they last served “satisfactorily.” General Lewis had clearly been engaging in conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman for a significant amount of time.

The report indicated that Lewis racked up $1,121.25 in charges at the Candy Bar strip club in South Korea and an additional $1,755.98 at the Cica Cica Boom strip club in Rome, Italy. Lewis later reported the credit card stolen. All of the charges were incurred while Lewis was traveling with former Defense Secretary Ash Carter.


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