2nd SEAL Charged In “Knife Kill” On ISIS Detainee

first published on October 23, 2018 by

A second Navy SEAL has been charged in connection with the ongoing war crime probe for the alleged knife kill execution of an ISIS detainee in Iraq.


Lt. Jacob Portier faces an Article 32 hearing allegedly helping to cover up a string of war crimes allegedly carried out by Special Operations Chief Edward “Eddie” Gallagher. Portier was not present at the time of the knife kill.

Portier’s civilian defense attorney, Jeremiah J. Sullivan III, told Navy Times, “Lt. Portier’s combat service to our country warrants a medal, not a charge sheet.” Sullivan also said he expects Portier to be fully exonerated.

The SEAL initially charged for the knife kill, Special Operations Chief Edward “Eddie” Gallagher, remains in the brig on charges of murder, aggravated assault, obstruction of justice and professional misconduct.

knife kill

Gallagher has been a SEAL for over 14 years and has earned three combat valor awards, including two Bronze Stars with “V” device and one Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medal. He is vowing to fight to clear his name.

The newest charge against Lt. Portier suggests that even more arrests and charges are still to come. Approximately a dozen SEALs are currently being investigated for war crimes during 2017-2018 deployments to Mosul, Iraq.


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