2 Guided Missiles Fired At Each Other At The Same Time

first published on May 29, 2018 by

A fresh video out of Syria shows how crazy this conflict continues to be as two opposing ATGM operators fire at each other at almost the same time.

The video is stamped with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) logo and was uploaded by the 2nd Coastal Division rebel group.

The rebels claim the event took place in late May 2018, near the village of Shenbar in the vicinity of Turkmen Mountain in northern Latakia province.

According to the video, what appears to be regime troops of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) or a similarly affiliated militia group, fire an anti tank guided missile toward the rebels. Seconds later, the rebels fire back with their own Fagot missile toward the regime missile team.

Although the pro-Assad soldier fired first, he loses the game of “missile chicken” when he dives for cover before he can finish tracking his missile. His firing point is rocked by the rebel’s munition, and while it is uncertain if he or his team were eliminated by the blast, his missile likely spun harmlessly off course, and his launcher is now destroyed as well.


The Syrian military backed by Russian SOF and airpower has just launched an operation to drive Turkish troops and their proxy rebel groups from the strategically located Latakia province. It is unclear at this time if outright engagements are occurring between Turkish conventional troops and the Syrian soldiers, or if the fighting is still isolated to the Turkish FSA units.