16 US Marines Arrested On Human Trafficking, Drug Charges

first published on July 25, 2019 by

Navy criminal investigators arrested 16 US Marines on Thursday on human trafficking and drug charges.


All of the Marines that were arrested are lower enlisted troops from 1st Battalion, 5th Marines. As many as eight additional Marines were detained following a barracks inspection.

The arrests were likely in connection with the arrest of two different Marines earlier this month who were caught allegedly smuggling illegal aliens across the border for monetary gain.

It would seem that a criminal smuggling enterprise spread through the unit as under disciplined Marines sought to make extra money on the side.

To clarify, these are Camp Pendleton grunts, and were not part of any border security mission.

“Any Marines found to be in connection with these alleged activities will be questioned and handled accordingly with respect to due process,” a Marine Corps statement read.


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