A-10 Warthog To Continue BRRRT Through 2030

first published on June 28, 2019 by

The Senate Armed Services Committee’s Fiscal Year 2020 National Defense Authorization Act (2020 NDAA) has decided that the A-10 Warthog will continue its service through the year 2030, likely longer.


The NDAA has highlighted that the A-10 will continue undergo modernization processes and procedures to the fleet of the best air support aircraft ever designed.

The Warthog was repeatedly placed on the Air Force’s budget cutting block under the Obama’s Defense secretary Ash Carter. Priority was placed on funding the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program at the time, and it was decided that the F-35 would replace the A-10 as the primary CAS aircraft. A complete retirement of A-10 aircraft was scheduled for 2022.

The A-10 cost less to buy, fly, and fix than the F-35. It carries a heavier payload than an F-16. It’s armored, and its fuselage is wrapped around a giant GAU-8 30mm Gatling Cannon that has a proven track record of mercilessly crushing enemies on the battlefield. BRRRRRRT


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