10 Stunning Photographs Taken On Iwo Jima

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Everyone has seen the iconic flag raising photo taken on top of Mount Suribachi, here are 10 more photos taken during the battle for Iwo Jima.

Without a doubt, Iwo Jima was one of the bloodiest operations of the island hopping campaign. Everyone has seen the iconic flag raising photo taken on top of Mount Suribachi, but that photo alone does not even begin to tell the tale of Iwo Jima. Here are 10 more pictures taken on Iwo Jima that you may not have seen.

A Top Down Photograph Of A Sherman Tank

Iwo Jima Tank
Armor was a valuable asset on Iwo Jima. The support tanks like the one picture above provided for the infantrymen was essential. The picture above is a top down view of a Sherman tank as it rolls across the black sand beaches of Iwo Jima.

Marine Saves A Kitten.

Kitten Iwo Jima
Cpl. Edward Burckhardt found this kitten at the base of Mount Suribachi as the Marines were advancing. This image shows a completely different side of the bloody fight for Mount Suribachi.

Marines Pose Victorious.

Pose Iwo Jima
This is the photograph Joe Rosenthal thought was going to have the most impact when his film reel went home. Little did he know that it was the image of the Marines raising the flag on Suribachi that would be a sensation. When Rosenthal was informed that one of his pictures was on the cover of every magazine in America, this was the image he first thought of.

Blockhouse Blowout.

Block House Iwo Jima
An image taken by W. Eugene Smith that was on the cover of Time&Life magazine shows a Japanese blockhouse being demolished by a group of Marines.

Flamethrower Ridge.

Flamethrower Iwo Jima
A Marine with a flamethrower crests the top of a ridge line during a charge against a Japanese pillbox on Motoyama airfield.

Have A Smoke.

Smoke Iwo Jima
A Japanese soldier was playing dead in a shell hole until two Marines came across him. After moving the grenade that was with in an arms reach of the Japanese soldier, the Marines ensure he wasn’t booby trapped. They then offer the man a cigarette before taking him captive.

USAF Bombing Run.

Bombs Iwo Jima
Bombs fall out of the hatch of a USAF craft as it conducts one of many bombing runs intended to diminish the Japanese defense on the island.

Down The Ramp, Harden Up.

Ramp Iwo Jima
This picture was snapped moments before the Marines on board the landing craft hit the beaches of Iwo Jima. This was just the beginning of what would be a slug fest with Japanese troops on the island.

Flamethrowers Destroy Defenses.

Defense Iwo Jima
Marines torch a Japanese defensive position from a short distance with flamethrowers. The flamethrowers were an effective weapon for burning out entrenched Japanese fighters who would have otherwise fought to the death, and cost many more lives.

Aerial View Of The First Wave

First Wave Iwo Jima
An aerial image that was taken as the first wave of Marines advanced on Iwo Jima. In total, nearly 110,000 Marines, sailors, and airmen participated in rooting out the Japanese forces dug in on the island.


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