Brotherly Farewell Caught On Dustoff Helmet Cam

first published on September 15, 2015 by

This helmet cam video was taken by a pilot and crew chief on a dustoff bird that was flying MEDEVAC in Kunar in 2009. The events shown are from the Battle of Ganjgal, a firefight that earned both CPT Swenson (shown) and CPL Dakota Meyer the Medal Of Honor.

Regardless of your thoughts on the politicians that start and perpetuate these wars, that’s not what this page is about, and those that never served and troll the comments section about such topics will never be privileged enough to understand that. You don’t fight for presidents, oil or for the empire. You may stand for freedom, but you don’t fight for it. You fight for your brothers that are standing shoulder to shoulder with you, while looking into the face of an early death, in a filthy and forsaken no man’s land. Nothing else matters at that point but your brothers.

This is what brotherhood looks like.

Much respect to CPT Swenson for his exemplary service to our nation and his courage to speak out against the crippling ROE that was getting service members killed so the politicians (and military “leaders” that are so far removed from the battle they might as well be fighting it over email from the comfort of their stateside living room) could paint a falsified and happy picture for the government shills that compose the mainstream media.

RIP to the five US service members and eight ANA killed in the battle.


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