Army And Marines Decide On Humvee Replacement

first published on September 10, 2015 by

A $6.75 billion contract has been awarded to Oshkosh to build and deliver the first 17,000 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles for the Army and Marines beginning in October.

The new technologically advanced armored trucks will begin the long over due process of replacing the Humvee death trap as the light duty combat vehicle.
The services plan on acquiring 55,000 of the vehicles, most of which will go to the Army. The Marines will only be taking 5,500 units due to fiscal concerns regarding their focus on the development of the Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV).

Oshkosh beat out defense industry titan Lockheed Martin and AM General, the maker of the Humvee to secure the contract. Needless to say, the two losing companies are not happy, and are reviewing their options for a possible protest of Oshkosh’s award.

The JLTV is a big win for the infantry, cavalry, and other war fighting units that put themselves in harm’s way.

The Humvee, according to me, is an absolute piece of crap, and was my very first disappointment in the military. There are those that will defend it, saying that it was never intended to be over encumbered in heavy armor, but even without the armor its performance is poor. There is also no room in it for such a massive truck. However, the mixture of diesel fumes and vibrations was always sure to induce sleepy-boners.


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